Kìm Knipex Mũi Dài Cong 45° Dài 280mm

Mã sản phẩm:28 81 280
840.000₫ 900.000₫ Còn hàng

Kìm Mũi Dài 280mm Cong 45° Ứng Dụng Trong Cơ Khí & Ô Tô


Kìm Mũi Dài 280mm Cong 45° Ứng Dụng Trong Cơ Khí & Ô Tô

  • Mũi cong 45°

  • Dùng để gắp kẹp, uốn bẻ và lắp đặt các chi tiết nhỏ như ống đồng, đai ốc hay cáp điện cũng như các vật liệu tròn khác nhờ vào thiết kế ngàm có có rãnh (milled grooves)
  • Phát huy hiệu quả cao khi thao tác trong các khu vực nhỏ hẹp nhờ vào thiết kế mũi thon và dài
  • Thiết kế ngàm bán nguyệt
  • Thon gọn nhưng mạnh mẽ
  • Chất liệu: thép dùng cụ đặc biệt được rèn, tôi dầu và tôi nhiệt
  • Chiều dài L3= 70mm
  • Chiều dài L4= 20mm

  • Tổng chiều dài 280mm - Trọng lượng 235 gam


28 81 280 Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers With transverse profiles


Long Reach Needle-Nose Pliers with wave profile

  • For gripping, adjustment and assembly work in hard to reach areas thanks to slim, very long design
  • Deep down situated parts can be easily reached using the slim, half-round tips
  • Careful yet reliable gripping, holding and guiding of small copper pipes, screws and cables as well as other round parts thanks to milled grooves with smooth surfaces
  • Serrated pipe grip to grip round parts
  • Particularly suitable for work in the automotive trade and in mechanical engineering
  • Slim yet robust tool
  • Forged from special tool steel, oil-hardened and tempered

For fitters and mechanics and for all purposes

Very long reach needle nose pliers with a ridged profile

Thanks to the very slim and long design, even very low-lying parts – where, for example, cladding or metal plates would otherwise need to be removed - can be reached with these long reach needle nose pliers. The applications arise by themselves during repair work, installation situations in plant engineering or production facilities. Wherever space is too tight for conventional tools, these pliers allow freedom of movement. With the Knipex 28 81 280, the tip of the gripping jaw is at a 45° angle, which permits additional freedom of movement during relevant applications.

Milled grooves with smooth surface, pipe grip and serrated grip areas

Various gripping profiles for different applications are available with these long reach needle nose pliers. The gripping jaw on the half round tips is milled so it is ridged in the centre. Even components at a distance can be gripped and held accurately in position without damage. The milled cross slots with smooth surface enable sensitive round parts such as small copper pipes, hoses or plastic screw joints to be held and guided gently but firmly. On the other hand, the serrated pipe grip can be used to firmly grip and powerfully twist less sensitive components. Small and thin parts can be securely gripped and guided with the flat, serrated gripping area at the front of the slim jaws.

Slim but at the same time very tough

Although these long reach needle nose pliers appear to be delicate at first glance, they are very tough. They are forged from special tool steel and additionally oil-hardened. This gives the body of the pliers the necessary degree of elasticity and toughness – with firm gripping and stable holding over long distances. The material selected and quality machining give the pliers a long tool life. With the non-slip plastic coating, they sit comfortably in the hand.