Túi Dụng Cụ Đeo Hông Veto Builder Belt

Mã sản phẩm:Builder Belt
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Túi Đeo Hông Veto Builder Belt

Kích thước: 81cm - 117cm (32" - 46")

  • Gồm đai lưng, 2 túi đựng dụng cụ (pouch), móc treo búa (hammer holder)
  • Túi đựng dụng cụ (Tool Pouch)- chất liệu nylon có vòng (loop) treo búa bên trái hoặc phải, đeo thước đo và nhiều ngăn nhỏ đeo dụng cụ khác.
  • Túi dụng cụ (Fastener Pouch) - chất liệu bằng nylon có 3 ngăn chính. Có ngăn đựng thêm smart phone, thước kẹp, dụng cụ kìm búa - mũi bits, thước đo...
  • Dụng cụ treo búa


WAIST SIZE RANGE: 32" - 46" (81cm - 117cm)

  • Comes with an adjustable belt, tool pouch, fastener pouch, and leather hammer and tool holder.

  • Tool Pouch - Padded nylon with mirror image hammer loops to wear either left or right wide, includes speed square, tape measure clip and multiple tool pockets.

  • Fastener Pouch - Padded nylon with 3 fastener pockets, includes additional pockets for smart phone, speed square, tools and bits, and a stainless steel clip for a tape measure.
  • Includes leather hammer holder with stamped steel riveted hammer holder and tool loop (also available for additional purchase)

The Builders Belt is a padded leather and nylon, adjustable tool belt for carpenters or other tradesmen that need to carry tools and fasteners around their waist. The padded waist belt can adjust for waist sizes from 32″ to 46″ to support the separate Hammer Holder (HH1), Fastener Pouch and Tool Pouch.  The Hammer Holder (HH1) and both pouches are designed for left or right-hand use. The pouches can swap sides, one or both can be removed from the belt, and/or swapped with the Hammer Holder (HH1). A set of suspenders we call Belt Lifters (BT-LT) are sold separately and can be attached to the padded belt and worn over the shoulders to help in carrying the weight of a loaded Builders Belt. An additional Hammer Holder (HH1) may also be purchased separately or worn on a waist belt.

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