Ê Tô Brockhaus Compact 118001 Điều Chỉnh Nhanh Ngàm 120mm

Mã sản phẩm:118001
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Bộ Ê Tô Heuer Vice 118001 thao tác nhanh đóng trong thùng nhựa bao gồm ngàm rời. Chỉ cần 3 giây để thao tác ngàm kẹp.

Bộ ê tô không bao gồm đế xoay

Heuer - sản xuất hoàn toàn tại Đức


The ingenious thing about it is the all new, revolutionary quick adjusting HEUER Quicklaunch. Thanks to this, large jaw width differences can be adjusted on the HEUER Compact in just the turn of a hand – from 0 to 130 mm in 3 seconds. Without operating the handle. The width gauge helps in the pre-adjustment. In the process the parallelism of the jaws when clamping is not affected by the tolerance of the spindle, which is necessary for an optimally functioning quick adjustment. A pressure spring warrants the safe locking in the desired position. This is also audio-visually perceptible.

The exchangeable, turnable jaws with smooth and grooved clamping surface create even more flexibility. The HEUER Compact is additionally equipped with pipe-gripping jaws integrated in the front and rear jaw. It too can be added on to. For example with the HEUER Table Clamp 100 or with the HEUER Rotary Table 100 and a large selection of magnetic protective jaws. 

The HEUER Compact – our all-rounder in a mobile format.