Cần Siết Lắc Léo Stahlwille 1/2" 504-2K/18N 13061018 Chiều Dài 397mm

Mã sản phẩm:13061018
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Cần Siết Lắc Léo STAHLWILLE 1/2" 504-2K/18N 13061018 Chiều Dài 397mm

  • Chiều dài 397mm, trọng lượng 831 gam 
  • Dùng với khẩu 1/2"

Sản xuất tại Đức - Made in Germany


Flexible Handles 1/2"


  • Made in Germany – STAHLWILLE flex handle, swivelling 1/2" square, non-slip 2-component handle, length 469 mm, DIN 3122/ISO 3315, 13061018
  • Ideal for loosening jammed screws – e.g., wheel nuts and axle bolts on cars and trucks
  • The ball lock ensures a firm and secure fit of the tools
  • Manufactured from high-quality chrome-alloy steel with a chromium-plated, corrosion-resistant finish for durability
  • STAHLWILLE: For over 160 years, we as a traditional German company from Wuppertal have stood for tools that are appreciated around the world for their excellent quality


Made in Germany