Bộ Wera Koloss 133862 1/2″ Drive 8002 C Ratchet Hammer

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Bộ Wera Koloss là chiếc cần siết hàng đầu thế giới có chức năng búa mạnh mẽ (heavy-duty) mà không làm hư hỏng đến cơ cấu hoạt động sản phẩm. Lực siết có thể đạt đến 600Nm và góc hoạt động 6°, góc hoạt động rất mịn để thao tác trong góc hẹp.

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English Description

The Wera Koloss is the world’s first ratchet with a hammer function. The Koloss is a reversible heavy-duty ratchet that can be used safely as a hammer without the risk of damaging the ratchet mechanism.

Allowing a torque transfer of at least 600Nm, the ratchet has a double pawl mechanism and return angle of only 6 degrees to allow it to be used accurately even in cramped working conditions. The permanently locked, hardened 1/2″ square drive gives way to impacts and cannot be damaged when the ratchet is used as a hammer.

Sockets and accessories can quickly be attached to the head and are held in place by a ball lock. Changing the direction of the ratchet is also quickly achieved through the push-through square drive, which is far more robust than a conventional forward & reverse switch. A removable retaining ring provides quick access to the ratchet mechanism for easy cleaning or greasing.

The Koloss is completely safe for use as a hammer, such as when aligning workpieces, saving both time and the need to carry two different tools. The drop-forged hammer head is pinned to the shaft in a form-fit joint for high strength. The striking face itself is dry-fined and comes with a rubber pad that can be attached as needed to protect materials and surfaces while being struck. A tubular shaft minimises the impact vibrations through the handle while the ratchet is being used as a hammer.

The ergonomically designed multi-component Kraftform handle ensures optimum pressure, impact and tensile loads. The handle has finger recesses that perfectly respond to your hand and fingers to enable faster tightening and loosening. There are also special hard and soft “zones”. The soft zones provide optimal contact with the muscles in your hand to provide better turning power with less effort. The hard zones make repeated turning easier since they move smoothly across the skin when repositioning your hand on the handle.

The Wera Koloss ratchet with hammer function is ideal for use in a range of applications, such as mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, mining, aircraft construction, the petroleum industry, industrial plant construction, scaffolding, high rack systems, road building, bridge construction, railway construction and maintenance, or commercial vehicle construction and maintenance. A Koloss Extension allows improved leverage by increasing the amount of torque transfer.

The multi component Kraftform handle has been ergonomically designed for improved comfort and performance. With a total length of 341mm, the extension simply fits into the adaptor in the end of the Koloss ratchet.

Set includes:

Koloss Ratchet

Extension & Release Pin

Protective Pad


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